An Owner's Guide to Raising Your Pet Protector (Paperback)

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An Owner's Guide to Raising Your Pet Protector Written by two dog trainers Michael " Gypsy " Stratten & Lori Berg

Every aspect of owning the dog is covered, from choosing your puppy to integrating it into your family, and what you should expect from the dog.

This guide is an all inclusive, innovative A-Z manual written from a perspective that no other dog trainers take.. The Best Bite is no Bite In today's lawsuit happy society this book is a necessary read promoting productive and responsible dog training & ownership.

It has been our experience that most dog owners truly just want and need a pet that will deter bad guys based on their appearance and how they act around the house. In fact most dog owners never take their dogs to compete in shows, and are not part of some para-military or hard core sport groups.

The relationship between man and dog is age old. Dogs do not need to be taught to chase and bite in order to protect. This book differentiates between the training of a police dog and a personal protection dog geared towards family and business.

This book will teach you how to develop your personal PET PROTECTOR.

The trainers provide real life anecdotes, comprehensive training information and thought provoking essays.

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ISBN: 9781412065139
ISBN-10: 1412065135
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication Date: July 21st, 2006
Pages: 84
Language: English