Fred & Rose West: Britain's Most Infamous Killer Couples (Paperback)

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Fred & Rose West - Britain's Most Infamous Killer Couples

On the 24th of February 1994, police knocked on the door of an aging house in the English town of Gloucester. They'd come to serve a search warrant in the case of a missing girl - the daughter of the house's inhabitants. What they uncovered would shock the world: decades of child abuse, an underground torture chamber, and a burial ground containing the bodies of the spent victims of the torture - including that of the missing daughter. The address was 25 Cromwell Street, and these discoveries would earn it the moniker "The House of Horrors".

At the end of the investigation, the number of the murdered was twelve - all young females, including one daughter and one stepdaughter. The couple responsible were Rosemary and Frederick West, and this book will tell you their story. We'll start from the very beginning, with the killers' childhoods and upbringings, exploring in detail the factors that contributed to their later depravities. From there we'll detail the crimes themselves, following the tragic tales of their victims, including the mechanisms that led them to their grim fates. We'll examine how the full extent of their crimes was uncovered in the subsequent investigation. Finally, we'll dig into the malignancies both surrounding the killers and within themselves that drove them to perpetrate their heinous acts.

This book is not one for the faint of heart. It enters into graphic details that may upset those of a delicate constitution. It is a true life report on real events. If you believe as I do that we are better served knowing and understanding the full depths of darkness the human soul is capable of, and if you are able to stomach this knowledge, then read on and discover the story of one of Britain's most infamous killer couples.

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