Win the Line, Win the Edge: A Blueprint for Coaching Football's Offensive Line (Paperback)

Win the Line, Win the Edge: A Blueprint for Coaching Football's Offensive Line By Cory S. Volk Cover Image
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Football is a microcosm of the world. A varsity football game may seem like a high-pressure situation, but when you compare it to the life experiences, these young men will need to navigate their way through; football is an excellent tool to learn skills like perseverance, hard work, integrity, teamwork, and being counted on. You get a chance in a football game, and through a football season as a player, to learn all the lessons you need as an adult in the world. The football coach is simply there to help the boys find their way through the season so that on their own, they can find their way through life. The football coach has an important responsibility to impact on those young men the life lessons that will serve them throughout their entire lives. Being an organized and enthusiastic coach of young men, not just of football, gives the coach an opportunity to make an impact on individuals. Those individuals will finish their playing careers when they graduate and positively impact the world. This book is designed specifically to assist an offensive line coach design and build instruction to best serve the team and the players of the line. The program of instruction is applicable to all positions in football and really all sports. Any coach can pick up the book and understand the concepts of teaching and instructional design and make them applicable to their position and to their sport.

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ISBN: 9781637841396
ISBN-10: 1637841396
Publisher: Hawes & Jenkins
Publication Date: July 26th, 2023
Pages: 146
Language: English