Unveiling the Sixth Station of the Cross: Reparation to the Holy Face, Mother of All Devotions (Paperback)

Unveiling the Sixth Station of the Cross: Reparation to the Holy Face, Mother of All Devotions By Mary Jane Zuzolo Cover Image
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"Convert us, O God; and shew us thy face, and we shall be saved" (Psalm 80:3).

Although many are familiar with the Holy Face Devotion, key fruits and wonders remain untold, and various of its most important spiritual treasures have yet to be discovered -- until now.

In these extraordinary pages, Mary Jane Zuzolo unveils for you how this devotion is prefigured in the book of Job, complements F tima and other Marian apparitions, encompasses the spirituality of St. Th r se, crowns the insights of the great Carmelite mystics, affirms the Mariology of St. Louis de Montfort, and has generated more miracles than the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Words of Christ from approved private revelations describe the Holy Face Devotion as "the most beautiful work under the sun" and "the greatest source of grace second to the sacraments." Zuzolo further reveals:
  • The Miracle of the Vatican, in which the Holy Face image became enlivened, serving as catalyst for the related wonder-working at the hands of Ven. Leo Dupont.
  • The woman in the Gospel who was designated by Christ in private revelations as the model of reparation to His wounded Countenance -- and whose "reward" prefigured that which He promises for devotees of the Holy Face Devotion.
  • How reparation to the Holy Face relates to the Holy Sacrament of the Altar and is complementary to the Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy devotions.
  • How St. Joan of Arc was the forebearer of the Holy Face Devotion in her dramatic assistance of the preservation of Catholicism in France.
  • How the Holy Face Devotion serves as an antidote to communism and modernism.

The Holy Face Devotion, Zuzolo explains, was bestowed by Christ "as a new pledge of mercy." Its graces flowing though "Our Lady of the Holy Name of God" and its preference by God to all other devotions together give the affectionate title "Mother of All Devotions" dual significance.

In our time of heightened sin and darkness, the Holy Face Devotion is a means of imploring the Countenance of Christ to "turn toward us" and restore life and light to the world through conversion of the masses. Unlike any other, the Holy Face Devotion is centered on reparation to the Godhead Itself. In recompense, Our Lord promises to imprint His Image, the very "seal of the Divinity," upon the soul of the devotee. Practicing this devotion is therefore an invaluable aid to our individual salvation, as well as that of our brethren. It is spiritual armament to assist Our Lady in the celestial battle of the age.

About the Author

Mary Jane Zuzolo is a great-great-great-niece of Sr. Marie de Saint Pierre, the French Carmelite who received approved revelations from Christ to initiate the Holy Face Devotion. She graduated summa cum laude with highest distinction in philosophy and as "Outstanding Student of Philosophy" from the University of Illinois. Zuzolo contributed the foreword for Fr. Lawrence Carney's The Secret of the Holy Face, and was the keynote speaker for the first Conference on the Holy Face. She has published articles in The Remnant and Latin Mass Magazine, and her work has been discussed on media outlets including Sensus Fidelium, Spiritual Strength Catholic, Virgin Most Powerful Radio, Guadalupe Radio, and WSFI Catholic Radio.

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