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Generative AI: How Chatgpt and Other AI Tools Will Revolutionize Business By Tom Taulli Cover Image
Neural Networks and Deep Learning: A Textbook By Charu C. Aggarwal Cover Image
Scoring to Picture in Logic Pro: Explore synchronization techniques for film, TV, and multimedia composers using Apple's flagship DAW By Chris Piorkowski Cover Image
Symbols: An Evolutionary History from the Stone Age to the Future By Richard Sproat Cover Image
Writing Interactive Music for Video Games: A Composer's Guide (Game Design) By Michael Sweet Cover Image
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Artificial Intelligence and Human Evolution: Contextualizing AI in Human History By Ameet Joshi Cover Image
Deep Learning with Python By Francois Chollet Cover Image
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How To Use FL Studio: The Complete Guide To FL Studio For Beginners: Fl Studio Tutorial Download By Giuseppe Arango Cover Image
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Synthesizer: How To Learn A Synthesizer In Easy Steps: Additive Synthesis By Russel Abedelah Cover Image
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Creating Synthesizer Plug-Ins with C++ and JUCE By Joshua Hodge, Matthijs Hollemans Cover Image
Foundation Models for Natural Language Processing: Pre-Trained Language Models Integrating Media (Artificial Intelligence: Foundations) By Gerhard Paaß, Sven Giesselbach Cover Image
Stop Typing!: Write Better with Speech Recognition Speech-To-Text Software! By Keith Connes Cover Image