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Egyptian Hieroglyphics: How to Read and Write Them Cover Image
English-Kinyarwanda Dictionary: Kinyarwanda-English Cover Image
The Riddle of the Rosetta: How an English Polymath and a French Polyglot Discovered the Meaning of Egyptian Hieroglyphs Cover Image
Nwa Ewu Aghịrịgha: The Adventurous Kid Cover Image
Swahili-English/English-Swahili Practical Dictionary (Hippocrene Practical Dictionary) Cover Image
Sudanese Colloquial Arabic for Beginners Cover Image
Igbo-English/English-Igbo Dictionary & Phrasebook (Hippocrene Dictionary & Phrasebook) Cover Image
Swahili: A Foundation for Speaking, Reading, and Writing Cover Image
The Afrikaans Dictionary: A Concise English-Afrikaans Dictionary Cover Image
Taariikhda Afka iyo Bulshada Soomaaliyeed: Daraasaad Af iyo Dhaqan Cover Image
Afan Oromo: A Guide to Speaking the Language of Oromo People in Ethiopia Cover Image
Tigrinya Student Dictionary: English-Tigrinya/ Tigrinya-English Cover Image
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