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Finite and Infinite Games Cover Image
Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World (Posthumanities) Cover Image
Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, A Young Man and Life's Greatest Lesson Cover Image
The Infinite Playground: A Player's Guide to Imagination Cover Image
By Bernard De Koven, Holly Gramazio (Contributions by), Celia Pearce (Editor), Holly Gramazio (Editor)
A More Complete Beast Cover Image
Being and Nothingness Cover Image
The Denial of Death Cover Image
Feline Philosophy: Cats and the Meaning of Life Cover Image
Existentialism Is a Humanism Cover Image
By Jean-Paul Sartre, Carol Macomber (Translated by), Annie Cohen-Solal (Introduction by), Arlette Elkaïm-Sartre (Preface by)
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions: 50th Anniversary Edition Cover Image
By Thomas S. Kuhn, Ian Hacking (Introduction by)
Simulacra and Simulation (The Body, In Theory: Histories of Cultural Materialism) Cover Image
El obstáculo es el camino: El arte inmemorial de convertir las pruebas en triunfo Cover Image