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Skyjack: The Hunt for D. B. Cooper Cover Image
Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales (Front Page Detectives) Cover Image
Familiar Evil Cover Image
By Rannah Gray, Mary Jane Marcantel (Contribution by), Ethan British Survivor Known as (Contribution by)
In Vino Duplicitas: The Rise and Fall of a Wine Forger Extraordinaire Cover Image
The Morphine Genocide: How the Fed-Med Mafia Kills Our Elderly with Palliative Care Cover Image
Fake Heritage: Why We Rebuild Monuments Cover Image
Killing JonBenét Ramsey: Dylan Howard & a 10 Year Investigation (Front Page Detectives) Cover Image
The Art of Forgery: The Minds, Motives and Methods of the Master Forgers Cover Image
Summary & Analysis: EMPIRE OF PAIN By Patrick Radden Keefe Cover Image
A Lost Colony Hoax: The Chowan River Dare Stone Cover Image
The Tarboro Three: Rape, Race, and Secrecy Cover Image
By Brian Lampkin, Saulters Andrew (Cover Design by), Noble Demetrious (Contribution by)
The Redemption of Bobby Love: A Story of Faith, Family, and Justice Cover Image