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Diane - the Boss

Diane is the owner and Senior Vice President of Smelly Good at Patchouli Joe's.

Originally from Dallas, TX, Diane moved to Denton for college and wouldn't leave until she and Joe moved to Leander in 2018.

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Charlie - the Peacemaker

Charlie's approach to life is let it flow through him. He is all about the love. Also, the Cowboys, Mavs, Rangers, and Stars. But mostly he's about the peace.

Charlie was born and raised in Denton, TX and made his way to Leander to learn all about bookslingin'.

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Kayleigh - The Oracle

Raised by wolves in Lewisville in North Texas, Kayleigh learned to read by tracing the footprints of her wolf-parents with her fingertips.

Kayleigh loves coffee almost as much as Joe (almost) and loves football almost as much as Charlie (almost).

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Joe - the Janitor

Joe is the other owner, as well as Director of Custodial Physics at Patchouli Joe's.

Raised in Northern California, Joe spent 20 years in the US Air Force, traveling the world. He lived in Florida for 27 years before escaping to Leander with his high school sweetheart in 2018.

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HRH Princess Zoe the Resplendent - aka The Notorious Z. O. E.

Zoe is the Official Store Dog at Patchouli Joe's.

Born in Georgia and raised in Florida, Zoe also spent a year in Tennessee before relocating to Leander in 2018 with her loyal servant, Joe. In addition to a pretty face, Zoe is the real brains of the operation.

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